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Liverpool’s easy win, Salah

Liverpool beat Porto 2-0 in the Champions League quarter-finals Liverpool scored one goal each for Gabriel Keeta and Roberto Inferno

It is not easy to win! Liverpool have played the game against Porto since the start of the match. If Liverpool’s Mohammad Salah does not miss all this, then the goal is even more sure!
At the beginning of the match, Liverpool’s second goal in the first round was seen by Keith. Firming doubles the gap. No team has seen the goal in the second half. Hosts won 2-0 goals in An filth first leg game

Porto’s goalkeeper Liker Casillas put Sallah’s weak shot in the 18th minute as he pushed the D-box out of the box. After three minutes, the Cassius was not alone in the ball due to the failure of the Egyptian Liverpool Egyptian star. This simple opportunity Salah has lost more than the entire match. Salah’s Miss Anfield has been disappointed by the Liverpool supporters overwhelmingly. They came in the hope of seeing Salah as Salah. Although Salah failed, Liverpool have played very cool.

In the fifth minute of the match, midfielder Naabi Keetta started knife on the guests chest. Millar extended the ball to the forward Sadio Maneke. One by one, Porto has saved the defending and defending the ball in the D-box. After getting the Fermino ball, it increased it to Keitara. Catherine goes to the viewer’s forest Cassius

In the 26th minute, Ferimino himself caught the ball. The Liverpool’s Brazilian star was finishing clinically in the lower cross of Alexander Arnold within the D box. In the 34th minute, get a chance for Fermino round once more. But they failed to apply it. The Portuguese Club survived the trip.

In the second half, when Porto tried to take possession of the ball, the weak appearance of their defense came out again and again. Although the disciples of the Bergen Lope failed to use the opportunity. Finally the scoreline is 2-0. EPL table toppers leave the field with win The Champions Ground is the start of the quarter-finals with great gains of English giants

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