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BJP  Bhima Mandvi killed

BJP  Bhima Mandvi was killed in Maoist attack in Chhattisgarh’s Dantewada. Four security guards were also killed in this incident. On Tuesday, Bhima was confronted with the attack on the Kawakonda area on the way to Chiratgarh. This information was given in a BBC Online report.

India’s national election tomorrow begins on Thursday. Earlier this incident has raised concerns about the administration. Voting for the first phase in slums After this incident, BJP has accused the Congress of being involved with the Maoists.

Police say that Bhima Mundi had gone out in the election campaign yesterday. At 5.00 in the afternoon, his fleet was going towards Kuakonda in the Bacceli area. Bump explosions occur. The widow’s carriage will be completely full. Mundhi, his driver and three security personnel were killed on the spot. The state police car with the car also damaged the blasts. Four policemen were injured. The injured Maoists started firing around injured people trying to get out of the car. There are quite a few shoots. CRPF sent additional forces after receiving the news.

Police say that with the help of remote control technology, successful IED explosions are targeted by the driver of the vehicle. Maoists used about 50 to 60 kg of explosives. A large hole was created due to the explosion on the spot.

Dantewada reserved seats were held by Congress till last year. The 40-year-old Munde, who was captured by the Congress leader Mahendra Karma’s wife Devi Devi, was defeated by the Maoists in the last year’s Vidhan Sabha elections. He was known at the grassroots level as an active leader and a tough anti-Maoist. Last year Dantewara Maoist was criticized by Maoists after the killing of a tele-journalist in Maoist attack. Since then, he has been on the list of militants, believed to be detectives. Recently, Rahul Gandhi was disturbed by a controversial post by social media about this controversy. Later he apologized for this. Claims his social media team posts that.

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