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The harsh rule of the United States is the rule of refuge

The harsh rule of the United States is the rule of refuge

The Trump Administration has taken steps to sort out asylum seekers in the United States. Kirland Nielsen, head of the Homeland Security Department, has already lost her job on charges of failing to prevent the arrival of a large number of foreigners on the border with Mexico. Francis Sisna, chief of immigration service and the chief lawyer of

the department, is on the list of excluded. Even the Randolph ‘Tex’ Alice is being removed from the position of head of US Secret Service (USSS) under Homeland Security Ministry. Stephen Miller, one of Trump’s most advisor to the hardliners, is leading the implementation of this initiative to further strengthen the immigration system.

According to the White House sources, the ‘asylum’ provided in the United States on the basis of the rules encourages rather than exterminating the exiles. According to the current rules, to get refuge in the United States, it is necessary to prove that it is dangerous for any external person to return home. The White House wants to change the rules to provide asylum seekers in a safe place within their own country.

Multiple sources said that Trump wants to reinstate the rule of disfigurement of children who come with older people to discourage the shelter of outsiders. Many people think that Nielsen was deposed because of differences in the question. The President himself has said that he has no plan to reinstate ‘family separation’. However, he also said that the rules of taking shelter are not acceptable in any way.

One of the rules introduced by the Trump Administration to slow the arrival of outsiders is to arrange interviews in Mexico instead of the borders of asylum seekers from South America. According to this rule, every asylum seeker is instructed to stay in Mexico until their application is settled. On Monday, a federal court in the United States suspended its implementation temporarily in the absence of this rule.

Efforts are being made to impose new hardships for those who have already got political asylum in this country. Last month, when a Bangladeshi political asylum seeker returned to his country after returning from the country, he was returned from the airport. In this argument he found refuge in his country, his country was not safe for him.


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