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Computer A to Z

What is a computer?

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Computer is the English word. The word comes from the Greek word Compute. Compute the meaning of the word. That is, a computer is a counting machine. In other words, “A computer is an electronic device that has the power to input data or instructions, to process data received as input, to display the results after processing.

The first computer in Bangladesh came in 7 years.

(Abacus) An ancient computing device is considered to be the first computer in the history of computers. It was discovered in Babylon in **5 BC.

Abacus is a counting machine for moving pellets arranged in frames. Abacus was created as a counting machine in Egypt or China around 5/5 BC.

Computer Organization Parts –

Input unit: Through that unit

All information or data provided to a computer is called an input unit. As-

* Keyboard;

* Mouse;

* Scanner;

* Joystick;

* LightPen;

* Digital cameras;

* Punch card reader;

* Optical Mark Reader;

* Optical Character Reader.

* Paper tape reader.

Memory Unit: The unit where data can be stored and retrieved when needed, is called a memory unit. As-

* Hard disk;

* Floppy disk CD;

* DVD and

* Flash drive.

We should all know some computer-related questions and -wers.

**. What does the word computer mean? – Counting machine.

  1. Who is the father of modern computers? – Father Chalmers Babes

. What kind of computer memory? – Computer memory mainly

Two types

**. Write the full scale of the LCD? – Liquid Crystal Display.

**. What is PC? – Personal Computer.

**. What is CPU? -Central Processing Unit

**. 1 KB =? A: 1 KB = 10**4 Byte.

**. Who is the inventor of the computer? – Howard Aikin

**. What is the permanent memory of the computer? – Rom

**. Which one is not on the computer? – Consideration

**. Who is the founder of the video-sharing site YouTube?

– Steve Chall and Javed Karim

1**. Who controls all the activities of a computer?

– Central processing unit

**. What is e-mail? – Electronic mail

**. What is the brain of a computer? – Micro processor

**. What is a computer? – Hardware

**. Who is the king of modern-day computer world? – Bill Gates

**. What is Computer Bios (BIOS)? -Basic Input Output System

**. The main printed circuit board of the computer


**. What is Computer RAM? -Random Access Memory.

**6. The two main components of the computer system are:

– Hardware and software part

**6. China is currently the top country in internet access

****. The first digital computer made with IC chip – Intel 4004

**6. In what year was the first computer network launched? -১৯৭৯


**6. What kind of computer network? – 5 types

**6. What is Chat? -Get it

**6. When is the online internet service in Bangladesh?

– June 5, the year

**6. What is the ‘#’ sign on the computer? -Has mark

**6. What is the meaning of the web? – – Fake

**6. What is the meaning of micro words? – Small

**. What is the global computer network consisting of numerous computers? – The Internet

**. Which is not a computer? -dream

1**. What does a mouse click mean?

– Press the left mouse button

**. The origin of computer words from which word? –


**. What kind of drive does a computer have? – 5 types

**. PowerPoint files are called – -presentation

**. Which is used for data storage and tr-fer. –

Pen drive

**. Which of the following is a Bengali writing software? – Victory

**. Which is not a branch of information technology? -Doc section

**. The operating system is – the brainchild of man

**. Find menu in any menu? -Edit

**. To change the font size –

– In the Font dialog box

1**. If the human body is caught with hardware

Software – – Life

**. The intelligence of a computer is less than that of a man

**. Where to press the keyboard to type different characters

Have to pay -Button

**. In how many years Apple introduced the operating system 5.1

Do you In 1

**. What is the memory capacity of the computer? -Bytes

**. Who is the first computer programmer? – Lady Ada Augusta

**. What kind of package program is PowerPoint? –


**. Does the speed of the computer work? – Baby


**. What was the father of the computer, Charles Babbage? –


**. What is Chat? -Get it

1**. What is the meaning of micro words? – Small

**. Where does the numeric pad stay? – Right of the keyboard

To the side

**. Which is not intrinsic to the software? -Monitor

**. The final step in the file copy or tr-fer process is – -Copy

**. What kind of package program is Axis? -Database

**. What is called PowerPoint File-Presentation

**. Which software is used to clear the computer?

Most useful? -Messel Excel

**. Which type of printer is the most expensive


Able to print? – Laser printer

**. IBM PC with a company microprocessor

Ready? -Intel

**. What is BOL? – Bangladesh Online Limited.

1**- The operating system is – -Mismitic intelligence

**. Which menu is in the Find command? – -Edit menu

**. The key is to close the existing file in the database by pressing Close

happens? -File menu with the Close command

**. What is the use of notepad? -Painting

**. Windows 7 came to market – 5 of 5 years


**. Date of birth is a-field

**. The font size to resize – -fonts dialog

In the box

**. If the human body

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