Corona farewell to the coming solar eclipse?

The microscopic coronavirus has caused a catastrophe all over the world. In the meantime, more than 4 lakh 36 thousand people have died due to the spread of the deadly virus. About 6 million affected. There is no effective medicine or antidote yet.

Scientists and virologists around the world are continuing to try. How did this deadly virus come about? Someone has said that Corona bio-weapons have been made in a chemical laboratory. The other side claims that this deadly virus was born naturally from nature.

This time, a scientist from Chennai, India sat down and made a sensational claim between the two sides. He said that solar eclipse has something to do with the birth mystery of Kavid-19, not any laboratory or environment. The scientific community has been moved by his demand. The scientist also hinted at when the virus will end.
Atomic and geologist said. KL Sundar Krishna is a resident of Chennai. He claims that there is a link between the corona virus and the solar eclipse. The origin of this bacterium is not a chemical phenomenon, but the result of a cosmic phenomenon. This deadly virus came from space.

How did that happen? The first coronavirus infection was reported in the Chinese city of Wuhan in late December last year. Scientist Krishna claims that December 26 was a solar eclipse. Since then, there have been reports of such a virus spreading.

Dr. KL Sundar Krishna claims that there was a chemical change in the Earth’s atmosphere during the solar eclipse. And from him this virus was born. The scientist has claimed that this coronavirus will disappear from the earth with the next solar eclipse. According to him, the solar eclipse and full eclipse will take place simultaneously on June 21. This is the day when the germs will be gone.

Corona farewell to the coming solar eclipse Excitement at the claims of the scientist-coloman sangbad
Corona farewell to the coming solar eclipse Excitement at the claims of the scientist-coloman sangbad

Dr. Krishna has explained it with his own theory. According to him, during the solar eclipse, there was a huge chemical change between the electrons in the Earth’s atmosphere. A bio-nuclear reaction that causes neutrons to change. A situation is created in which the nucleus of the coronavirus is formed. This bio-nuclear interaction is one of the reasons for the virus. This level is called ‘D-level’. However, scientists have no idea how the virus can be created at this level.

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