Finding wonder structures near the center of the earth

Many may be curious about what is at the center of the earth. Researchers have come up with a wonderful new report. Researchers say that under the earth’s surface, there is a huge structure near the core, which they found by analyzing the seismic waves.

This research article was recently published in the journal Science.

According to a report in the scientific journal New Scientist, an analysis of seismic wave data showed that the giant structure was located 2,900 kilometers below the Earth’s surface at the boundary of the Earth’s molten core and hard crust.

Finding wonder structures near the center of the earth
Finding wonder structures near the center of the earth

Analyzing data from hundreds of large earthquakes, University of Maryland researcher Dwayne Kim and his colleagues found a new structure beneath the volcanic Marquesas Island in the South Pacific Ocean. Kim said the structure is known as the Ultra Low Velocity (ULV) zone. It is about 1000 km in diameter and 25 km thick.

The reason why this structure is called ultra low velocity is that the seismic waves pass through it slowly. However, the matter of making it is still a mystery. These structures may be chemically separate from the Earth’s iron, nickel alloy cores, and silicate rock mantles, or may have different thermal properties.

The research team also found that a previously discovered ULV region beneath the Hawaiian Islands is much larger than previously thought.

Researcher Kim said the study of the mantle of the earth is important. Because the structure of the earth has evolved and changed over time. The mantle of the earth is where the operation is taking place and it is the region of the driven process for tectonic plates and hotspot volcanoes.

Identifying ULV regions can also help to better understand whether some volcanic sources are below the Earth’s crust and the formation of the Earth’s lower mantle.

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