Set up Windows 10 yourself

Set up Windows 10 yourself. For that, you need to boot your Windows 10 DVD or ios file. If you have done these, then I welcome you to the next step.

How to set up Windows 10?

First, shut down your computer/laptop, then turn on the computer/laptop power.

Note that you need to open the boot menu as soon as your computer/laptop is booted.

To open the boot menu you need to press and hold the F5 F6 F7 or F1 + F2 + F12 + DEL buttons on the computer/laptop together.

উইন্ডোজ ১০ সেট-আপ দিন আপনি নিজে নিজে
বুট মেনু

When the boot menu opens, it will show you a text like this.

You need to show your pen-drive or CD-drive. Then click on the Enter button.

After waiting for some time, a new window will open in front of you from where you can identify the language of your choice. However, keep in mind that the language that you have identified will be the default language of your computer/laptop. In that case, I will recommend you ENGLISH (UNITED STATE).

Once you have identified your desired language, you need to do as shown in the picture.

কম্পিউটার /ল্যাপটপ এ উইন্ডোজ
উইন্ডোজ ১০ সেটআপ।


Then you have to click on the next. You have to work very carefully in the future.

After that, you will see a new skin. You have to select the operating system. Select the operating system according to your choice.

Select the operating system and click NEXT,

After that you will have a window open, from there you have to select the specific drive to install Windows.

Keep in mind that the drive on which you install the Windows operating system must have at least 20 GB of free space on the drive.

After that, you have to finish by clicking on NEXT.

After that, the process of installing Windows 10 will start. This process may take 20 minutes to 1 hour to complete.

After that Windows 10 will be successfully installed on your system.

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