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Hard immunity not yet achieved: World Health Organization

Soumya Swaminathan, chief scientist of the World Health Organization, said that in the case of Kovid-19, it could go a long way to get normal immunity or hard immunity in a large population. For this, 50 to 60 percent of the people have to become resistant to the disease, so that the chain of the disease is broken and can not infect others.

The term hard immunity has become quite popular lately. Roughly speaking, hard immunity refers to the development of resistance against any disease in most of the people in a society. If it develops in 60 to 70 percent of the people, it can be assumed that the society is relatively free from that particular disease.

In a live broadcast on social media hosted by the World Health Organization in Geneva on Friday, Swaminathan said more waves of infection would be needed to reach a state of natural immunity. India’s news agency PTI reported the information.

Scientist Soumya Swaminathan warns that as long as scientists do not bring vaccines, the world will have to work on all possible ways to prevent corona. This time can be a year or so. So far the various therapies will reduce the mortality rate and people will return to their lives.

Swaminathan said 50 to 60 percent of people need to be able to resist the virus to make the concept of hard immunity a success. It will only be possible to disrupt the flow of infection. It will be very easy to do when the vaccine is gone.

Hard immunity can be built quickly without human death or illness. For this reason, it is better to make hard immunity with vaccine. It is better to be vaccinated than to have a hardened immunity through a natural infection. Then it will take multiple waves of infection and unfortunately many will die.

The World Health Organization scientist added, “After a certain period of time, human natural immunity will develop. We have now seen from various studies that in many infected countries, antibodies are made in the body of 5 to 10 percent of the patients. In many places, the rate of antibody production has been found to be up to 20 percent. There are still waves of infection in different countries of the world. Antibodies will also be produced in the human body there and people can be expected to become resistant for some time. Then it will stop the spread of the virus and prevent the infection. But until the vaccine comes, we have to take the right steps in the field of public health. ‘

Soumya Swaminathan further said that tests are going on with different vaccines. If the clinical trials are successful, multiple vaccines will be available by the end of this year. However, we will need hundreds of millions of doses of vaccine, which will take time. So far, more than 200 projects are being worked on in the world. These projects are moving forward at an unimaginable pace.

Making vaccines is usually a long and laborious process. The more vaccinators there are, the greater the chances of success. Most people who recover from Covid-19 have been shown to produce antibodies. This means the vaccine will be able to build effective resistance against the virus.

Asked what would happen if the vaccine did not succeed, the World Health Organization scientist said, “We need to learn to live with the virus. So far it’s been scary. However, if there is no vaccine, social distance, hand washing, hygiene and wearing a mask must be followed to reduce the infection.

According to Johns Hopkins University, the Kovid-19 epidemic has infected more than 15.5 million people worldwide and killed more than 630,000 people.

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