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How to Use Google Duo Video Calling App

There are many video-calling apps out there to settle on from, and therefore the latest attempt from Google is an app called Duo.

Unveiled in 2016, Google Duo is that the standard video calling app that you’re going to find on most Android phones, but you’ll also download it to your iPhone or iPad.

In the below guide, we’ll be talking you through the way to found out Google Duo, the way to start a video call, and exactly what you’ll do when you’re using the app itself.

How to install and check-in for Google Duo

If you’ve got a contemporary Android phone, it’s extremely likely you will have Google Duo already installed on your phone. It can sometimes just be mentioned as Duo, so look for that in your phone’s app collection.

In the unlikely scenario that you simply do not have it (you may have deleted it at some stage), you’ll catch on from the Google Play Store here. If you’re using an iPhone or iPad, you’ll download it from Apple’s App Store here too.

Once you’ve it downloaded, you’ll be wanting to open it and check in to your Google account. If you’re using an Android device, it’s likely you have that each one found out already, but you’ll get to create one if you’re an iOS user and do not have a Gmail account.

When you’ve done that, you’ll then got to enter your telephone number to proceed. The app will then send you a verification text with numbers that you’re going to need to enter to be ready to get to the subsequent stage.

Now you’ve done that, it is time to feature your contacts.

How to find your contacts

Both those on Android and iOS should immediately be ready to see their contacts on Google Duo. it’ll pull through an inventory of your contacts that are already using Google Duo, while those in your contacts list that do not have the app also appear with the power to ask them to the app.

Press on your contact and you will be greeted with the choices for what you are able to try to to.

How to start a video call

Press on the contact you would like to speak with, and you will tend the choice of a video call or voice call. you’ll also record a message that you simply can send them separately without inviting them to a call.

Assuming you select to call, you’ll then dial them, and therefore the person you’re phoning will need to answer so as for the decision to start out. to hold up from a call, press the red button that appears sort of phone facing downwards.


How to start a gaggle call

To do this, you’ll be wanting to make a gaggle within Google Duo. you’ll have up to eleven others join a gaggle with you, and you’ll do this by swiping up from the house screen of the Duo app and tapping on “create group”.

You can add whoever you would like to hitch the group through this, then send everyone an invitation to the decision from there. As people join, they’ll land within the video call themselves and you will be ready to see them as a traditional video call.

Once you’ve made that group, they’ll then appear during a section of the app called “Groups” so you’ll dial them directly again without having to travel through adding all of them.

You can also change the name of a gaggle by pressing on the three dots during a vertical line and selecting “rename”.

Google Duo Video Calling App How to Use
Google Duo Video Calling App How to Use

What kind of effects and filters are there?

Much like most other messaging apps, Google Duo comes with a spread of filters and effects you’ll apply to yourself. These vary from turning yourself into a fish to putting antlers on your head.

You can then record video messages with these effects on, otherwise, you can put them over whatever you’re filming when during a live video chat.

You can talk to 32 people on Google Duo
You can talk to 32 people on Google Duo

Can you use Google Duo on a PC?

You can, and there is an internet app directly made for this. you’ll attend this link here and it’ll allow you to start out the method.

If you haven’t used Google Duo before, you will need to attach your Gmail account and verify your telephone number to be ready to move forward.

Much of the method above applies for Google Duo on PC, but if you have the other questions there’s a simple to use guide to Google Duo for PC on the official Google Support website.

You can talk to 32 people on Google Duo

Google’s video chats mobile app, Google Duo, added a maximum of 12 people in a group call last March. Now it has been reported to increase it to 32 people.

The use of video conferencing apps has increased in the coronavirus lockdown. Many people consider the maximum number of people that can be added to a group call when choosing such a tool. That’s why video conferencing app developers are increasing the benefits of their apps. Google’s video chats mobile app, Google Duo, added a maximum of 12 people in a group call last March. Now it has been reported to increase it to 32 people.

According to the technology website Android Police, Google has confirmed that it supports 32 people with video calls. Google is already promoting a new feature.

The day after the release of a Google blog post, it was revealed that Duo users will soon be able to make group calls on the web. This new layout will have the advantage of seeing more people at the same time.

You can talk to 32 people on Google Duo
You can talk to 32 people on Google Duo

Google isn’t the only one working to increase video calling apps. Last week, Microsoft announced that it was adding 250 people to its ‘Teams’ tool. Currently, 100 people can join the team. The free version of the popular video conferencing tool Zoom can add up to 100 people at once. Recently, WhatsApp has doubled the number of users added to video calls. Now 6 people can join WhatsApp.

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