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What is Google Drive and why would you use it?

Many of you have heard the name Google Drive. But many do not know anything about it or have a few ideas. Let’s discuss in detail today.

What is Google Drive?

Google Drive is a file hosting site. File hosting sites are sites on which the user puts his various files and the user can use those files in the future.

This type of website is called a file hosting site. There are many file hosting sites but the user thinks that Google Drive is safe. Apart from that, many features of Google Drive can be made available to the user very easily.

How does Google Drive work?

Google Drive usually keeps its user data/files on their server, which no one can see without that user’s permission. Even Google Can’t see user data/files.

When a user logs in with their email and password, Google Drive visits that user’s data/files on their website. Which only the user can see for himself, the user can share the link of his data/file with any other person if he wants. Other people can also download and edit to see the specified data/file.

গুগল ড্রাইভ কি এবং কেন আপনি ব্যবহার করবেন
গুগল ড্রাইভ কি এবং কেন আপনি ব্যবহার করবেন

How to sign-up Google Drive account

All you need to do is open an account in Google Drive, with your Google Mail account and its password.

Logging in to Google Drive will open your account and you will be able to use Google Drive successfully.

Google Drive will give you 15 GB of space for free, if you need more space, you can buy the specified space from Google Drive according to the monthly contract.

Why would you use Google Drive?

You can use Google Drive for your convenience. Suppose you have some important files on your phone, but suddenly you have lost your phone, now you have lost your important files along with your phone.

Plus your laptop/mobile has some memories that you don’t need to lose so you need to use Google Drive.

Google Drive is extremely secure. You can easily put your file/data on this file hosting site.

Google Drive link here

You can get it in Google Drive App Play Store or App Store.



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