Two women walk outside the space station at the same time

This is the first time that two female astronauts from the US space agency NASA are walking outside the International Space Station (ISS). Names Christina Koch and Jessica Mir.

They exited the space station’s Quest Airlock (the door used during the spacewalk) to replace a power control unit that broke down on Friday.

Women have never been seen working like this outside the International Space Station without a male astronaut. Replacing the power regulator is expected to take them 5 to 6 hours.

Christina Koch has done four spacewalks in space before. However, this is the first spacewalk of Jessica Mir to go with him. According to NASA, she is the 15th woman to walk in space.

Christina is an electrical engineer and Jessica is a doctorate in marine biology. At 11:38 in the gym, they went out to the spacewalk. At the end of the work, they will return to Arial with the broken device. It will then be sent to Earth in a SpaceX Dragon capsule for testing.

Christina Koch was scheduled to do the job last March with another colleague, Ann McClain. But it didn’t happen because McClean didn’t have the right spacesuit.

This initiative of the two women is a milestone at a time when NASA is working to emphasize the contribution of women in space.

Two women walk outside the space station at the same time
Two women walk outside the space station at the same time

Christina said that before, women were not always seen in such a significant role. It feels great to be able to contribute as a woman in space now. Everyone can play a role now. This is paving the way for increasing the chances of success.

Meanwhile, Jessica said, “Today we are able to work as part of the team. It’s good to be able to come this far. ”

Russian Svetlana Savitskaya was the first woman to walk in space. He walked for 3 hours outside the USSR space station on July 25, 1984. He was accompanied by astronaut Vladimir Zhanibekov.

And the first person to do a spacewalk in history was Soviet astronaut Alexei Leonov. He died earlier this month at the age of 65.

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