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10 Amazing Truths About The Internet

The number of internet users:

Many of us use the internet and know that it is very important. But does anyone know how fast the number of internet users is increasing?

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In 2002, the number of Internet users was only 600 million and now it stands at 2.2 billion. It has increased by about 36% in a decade.
Can you imagine how much it will be in the future? Maybe one-day people will call anyone who doesn’t use the internet crazy. ?

2) The surprising truth about Facebook

We all like pictures and statuses on Facebook, but do we know how many likes we get every day? Currently, the number of active users of Facebook is 1.21 billion. Everyone is constantly uploading pictures and videos. Now let us know an amazing truth,


500 terabytes of data are exchanged on Facebook every day, about 2.8 billion likes and 300 million photos are uploaded every day.
1024 GB is 1 terabyte, 500 terabytes of data exchange per day near home? I personally upload at least 1 MB every day. (Proud)

3) A piece of information about spamming:

Spammers are very aware! Many of the links we see on social media are spam where clicking can hurt you a lot.

About 40 percent of the accounts we see on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media are open to spammers. 7% of all messages are sent by spammers.
I get messages every few days, the African sends me a picture of a girl from a given profile, talking as nicely as if I had known her for a thousand years. One of their signs is that they will not talk to you on Facebook but will ask for mail. If you see this, you will be careful, there are many, even I used to do this myself, I would like to chat whenever I see any girl ? but from now on, be careful, you chat with Bangladeshi girls (maybe your brother: D) but do not chat with African girls.

4) A truth about Google search:

Hehehehe! What else can I say about Mama, after a few days I heard that Google has bought this company গু Google has bought that company? He’s just getting bigger, so far about 145 companies have bought/merged Google. I wonder how big this Google will be one day. ?


Google does 100 billion searches every month, which means we get about 40,000 search results every second.
The day I heard that Google had bought Motorola, the world’s first mobile phone maker, I was really surprised. It is such a big company that Google had to pay 12.5 billion US dollars to buy it. Besides, there are Blogger, Android, YouTube, Plink, Way, Picasa.

5) A piece of interesting information about webcam:

All the new discoveries in technology that I see have all come from some kind of need. The webcam is undoubtedly a wonderful invention though not so surprising to us now.


A few lazy students at Cambridge University have invented a webcam, their purpose being to sit in their own room and keep up to date with the coffee room.
The Trojan Room coffee pot was a coffee pot at Cambridge University. The webcam was made so that you don’t have to go to Rome, again and again, to see if the pot is running out of coffee. Even if you can be lazy like them, the manifestation of that laziness is the powerful camera used in today’s security system.


Dr. Quentin Stafford-Fraser and Paul Jardetzky are the creators of the first webcam.

6) First website:

Sir Tim Barnes Lee is a London-born physicist. He thought of a hyperlink that would connect everyone in the world. The extraordinary discovery of that great man has taken man to the extreme stage of progress. is the world’s first domain/webserver. It was published on August 7, 1991.
If you wish, you can come back to that website now (no, not now, finish the tune: P).

6) The most expensive domain:

A simple and beautiful name domain is known to everyone. Although I do not use Yahoo myself, the domain name Yahoo is my favorite. These beautiful and easy to remember domains are sold at a lot of prices. Let’s take a look at the most expensive domain names in the world so far.


The most expensive domain name is, priced at ৬ 18 million. The second most expensive domain name is for 14 million.
Many people are wondering what is the price of Google or Facebook domain? The two names I gave here are not a company, just a website address. Maybe everyone understands why the price of the second domain is so high. I don’t understand the reason for the first one (insurance is good business: D)

6) The number of country-based internet users:

Before we talk about other countries, let’s look at the number of internet users in our country.

In 2005, the rate of Internet users in Bangladesh was 0.2%.
1% in 2008
1.6% in 2008
2.5% in 2008
3.1% in 2009
3.6% in 2010
5% in 2011
7.3% in 2012
In India, the internet user rate was 12.8% in 2012 and in the same year, it was 10% in Pakistan.


Iceland currently has the highest number of Internet users at 96.6%, followed by the USA at 8.3%, China at 36.4%, and North Korea at 0%.
I was most surprised to learn this information, Iceland is a small country, many people may name this country.

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