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করোনা , এই সময় আপনার ১০টি করনীয় কাজ

Corona, here are 10 things to do at this time

At this moment in Corona, people all over the world are terrified. We have to be vigilant to survive this epidemic.

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Many have heard the term “home quarantine” but there are some people who do not understand what it means. “Home quarantine” means keeping yourself indoors without being in contact with anyone.

  1. There are 10 things you need to do in such a situation
    1 Since no antidote to corona has been discovered so far, you need to defend yourself.
  2. Wash your hands 10-15 times a day with soap and you can also use different sanitizers.
  3. Refrain from putting your hands in your eyes unnecessarily.
  4. Do not leave the house without the need, if you go somewhere back home, wash your hands and face thoroughly with soap
  5. Maintain distance when talking to someone.
    Refrain from shaking hands.
  6. You help the poor people during this time of lockdown. With money or food.
  7. You will always remember that you need to protect yourself to avoid the contagious disease of the corona.
  8. If you / someone else in your family shows signs of the corona, you can call 09161420 (Bangladesh).
  9. You should not listen to rumors at this time and do not spread rumors.
  10. করোনা , এই সময় আপনার ১০টি করনীয় কাজ
    করোনা , এই সময় আপনার ১০টি করনীয় কাজ

    Remember, the more you take care of yourself, the more secure your family will be.

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