Machu Picchu opened for a tourist

Machu Picchu opened for a tourist

Machu Picchu, a landmark of Inca civilization, attracts tourists. Tourists were unable to visit Machu Picchu, a mysterious landmark in Peru, due to the Corona epidemic. But the fate of Japanese tourist Jesse Takayama must be said to be good. After seven consecutive months of patience, his forehead opened. Jesse Takayama, a Japanese tourist, came […]

What is search engine optimization (SEO)

What is search engine optimization (SEO)

SEO or search engine optimization is the process of getting site traffic from high search rankings on selected keywords commonly used with search engines like Google and Bing York. Each of these search engines screens the Internet (including robots) and has its own recipe (algorithm) for indexing the pages they find (indexed). Although the public […]

Delhi in relief from Kathmandu's message

Delhi in relief from Kathmandu’s message

Kathmandu is hinting at improving relations with India as political turmoil erupts over allegations of Chinese occupation of Nepal’s land. According to diplomatic sources, the country’s education ministry has recently suspended the distribution of a government textbook to students at India’s request. Nepal’s Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has given instructions in this regard. The […]

Ronaldo's Madeira burglary at home! ‌ Did you know that valuable things were lost

Ronaldo’s Madeira burglary at home! ‌ Did you know that valuable things were lost?

Theft! ‌ Again at home: Cristiano Ronaldo’s house. Surprised to hear, but it happened. It is known that on the day of the match against Spain, Ronaldo’s house in Madeira, Portugal was robbed. According to a report, an international media outlet called ‘Udya Mirror’. Portugal played against Spain in the international match in Lisbon. Despite […]

Misinformation about covid, Trump's post removed Facebook-Twitter
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Misinformation about covid, Trump’s post removed Facebook-Twitter

Facebook and Twitter have removed posts by US President Donald Trump accusing him of spreading misleading information about the novel coronavirus. According to Twitter, the whole world is struggling with the Kovid-19 virus. In such a situation, care is being taken to ensure that accurate information is reaching the people. So any wrong information is […]