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After the Uyghurs, this time China is persecuting the Muslims

China has long perpetrated unspeakable atrocities on the Uighur Muslim community in Xinjiang province.

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They have also faced criticism from the international community. However, evidence was found that Beijing was not paying any attention to it.

After the Uyghurs, this time they were known to persecute the people of the Utsul Muslim community living in Hainan province.

According to an international media report, 10,000 members of the Utsul community live in China’s Hainan province, 12,000 kilometers from Xinjiang province.

Jinping’s administration is accused of torturing them in various ways. The Xi Jinping administration has objected to the people of that minority community wearing traditional clothes.

For this, teenagers, young women, and girls of that community have been banned from going to school, college, and office after wearing a hijab. People from the Utsuls community protested.

In a video that recently went viral on social media, a group of girls outside an elementary school in Hainan were reading their own books after wearing the hijab. And they are surrounded by Chinese police. They are being barred from entering the school for wearing a hijab.

It is pertinent to note that the conspiracy to expel the minority Muslims from China has been going on for a long time.

At present, the amount of oppression has multiplied. The Communist Party government instructed not to keep any traces of Arab culture in any part of China.

So examples of Muslim culture spread across the country are being destroyed. In the last three years since 2016, 18,000 mosques have been destroyed in Xinjiang province alone. More than one million people have been sent to prisons.

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