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Amazon start business in Bangladesh

Amazon start business in Bangladesh

Amazon: One of the world’s top e-commerce marketplaces is the United States-based Amazon Technologies. This time the Bangladeshi branch of Amazon has appeared.

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Although there is no connection with the real Amazon, everything is made in the form of a legitimate Amazon. And the country’s information technology and e-commerce sector is at risk of committing crimes such as fraud on the fake Amazon.

This is how an online domain named ‘Amazon Bangladesh Limited’ has started its activities with registration from the Joint Stock Exchange Registrar (Registration Number-C-14-656). If you enter the domain, you will see that the logo of ‘Amazon Bangladesh’ has been made in the style of Amazon based in the United States. And the website is also showing that Amazon Bangladesh is going to be launched after the next ‘131 days’.


However, not only in the style of Amazon but also the logo of ‘Amazon’ has been used directly on this site. And with the logo was a redirect to the original US-based Amazon website ( That means clicking on that logo will take an internet user directly to Amazon’s main website. As a result, the average Internet user and e-commerce customer will feel that it is really Amazon. However, after several media reports were published recently, various changes are being made to the website. From time to time different types of pictures and information are floating on the home page of the website.


It is known that a person named Aman Ullah Chowdhury is the owner of this Amazon Bangladesh. He introduced himself as the Founder and Managing Director (MD) of ‘Amazon Bangladesh Limited’ in various places including his Facebook ID. However, there are allegations that through this identity, he pretends to be the real Amazon representative in Bangladesh. Aman Ullah Chowdhury even wrote letters to various government agencies introducing himself as ‘the person who is going to launch Amazon Bangladesh, one of the top e-commerce platforms in the world’.

Asked about this, Aman Ullah Chowdhury admitted that US-based Amazon Technologies had nothing to do with the Amazon Bangladesh he founded. However, claiming that most of the e-commerce companies operating in the country’s market are ‘corrupt’, Aman Ullah, posing as the solver of the problem, told banglanews that he has nothing to do with Amazon. But we are trying, when that Amazon comes to Bangladesh, whenever it comes so that we can work with them, be tagged. Most of the online platforms we have here are corrupt and have a lot of notoriety. For this, we are having informal talks with them (real Amazon). We are working under their direction.


“I’m not a technical guy,” he said. Our website is controlled by a third party. They may forget to give the original Amazon logo. But not now.


At one stage of the conversation, Aman Ullah Chowdhury cut off the phone of the journalists who reported on ‘Amazon Bangladesh’ as ​​’brokers’.


Information technology stakeholders fear that the Amazon-style website domain has been created to deceive ordinary consumers and merchants or to ‘blackmail’ the real Amazon.


Al-Amin Kabir, who has been acclaimed internationally for a long time for affiliate marketing with legitimate Amazon, thinks that things like ‘Amazon Bangladesh’ are ‘misrepresentation’ or ‘misrepresentation’. The young entrepreneur told banglanews that there could be a nefarious motive behind using the name of an established organization in this way. It could also be a violation of trademark law. If it comes to Amazon’s attention, they may take strict legal action. We’ve seen Amazon say a lot about these things. In that case, if such a thing is done from Bangladesh, it will also tarnish our image with Amazon.


Nazmul Islam, Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (ADC) of the Cyber ​​Crime and Security Division of the Dhaka Metropolitan Police, said such acts were a clear violation of sections 23 and 24 of the Cyber ​​Security Act. The aggrieved party can sue under this section. In that case, we will actually take action under investigation.


Asif Ahnaf, director of e-Cab, said the man also contacted E-Cab and claimed to be the managing director of Amazon Bangladesh in his profile. In the comments of various groups including e-Cab, Amazon has made a connection with many with its identity. So I blocked him last month.


“I don’t know this person,” Syed Almas Kabir, president of the Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services (BASIS) and director of the FBCCI, a top business organization, told banglanews. We do not know any information that Amazon will come to Bangladesh.

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