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Artificial intelligence is creating songs for dead artists

Artificial intelligence is creating songs like dead artists

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now being used in various fields. There is also a touch of artificial intelligence in the music world. Artificial intelligence is being used to recreate the songs of many dead artists.

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OpenAI, a US artificial intelligence research laboratory, is working on composing music using artificial intelligence, according to the technology website “The Verge”. They are able to recreate the songs of the dead artists.

Verge said that OpenAI can create songs in imitation of any existing style, although it needs human help to compose lyrics. OpenAI has released a new generative model capable of creating music called Jukebox. While technically impressive, it seems to be ideologically familiar. Sound files are trained in jukeboxes rather than musical scores with a sound stream as the output. Of course, the makers of jukeboxes say that there is a huge difference between man-made music and artificial intelligence.


According to OpenAI’s blog post, researchers have chosen music as a field of work because it is difficult to create. Later, they were skeptical about presenting these results, which were created by artificial intelligence, like music. Recognized chords, melodies, and lyrics, however, when they yielded recognizable results, they turned it into music made with artificial intelligence.

Of course, there is also criticism of these compositions made using artificial intelligence. As the author and podcaster Cherry Hu noted on Twitter, this new tool from OpenAI automatically creates songs and song sources in the style of big stars. Replicates their voices. It’s not only technically attractive and impressive, but it’s also scary in terms of copyright law.


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