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'China only identified coronavirus, not source'

‘China only identified coronavirus, not source’

US President Donald Trump has been saying from the beginning that China is a “virus”. He blamed China for the 30 million corona infections and millions of deaths worldwide. In a statement issued to the World Health Organization (WHO) today, China countered that it was a new type of virus. Not China’s source. Last year, the virus spread to different parts of the world.

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Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Hua Chunying’s Remarks Has identified the virus. The genome sequence of the virus has informed the whole world. ”

Today, China has joined Hu’s initiative, Coax. In addition to reporting, he also claimed, “Why did Uhan’s lab not spread the virus from the meat market there?” For that reason, China has long banned the sale of wildlife meat.

He has taken a special initiative to ensure that if the corona antidote is discovered, it will reach all countries, rich and poor alike. Named ‘Kovax’. All countries are urged to join this initiative. But so far only small or poor countries have joined. No rich country has come forward. The United States and Russia have expressed their reluctance.

Experts have repeatedly said that the virus will not be eradicated from the world once the vaccine is discovered. Mass immunization is a long process. It will take years to complete vaccinations around the world. Apart from that, this huge amount of money is also needed! With this in mind, ‘Kovax’ was made. It did not say how much money China could provide. “Hopefully, other powerful countries will come forward,” said Hua Chunying.

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