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Corona’s vaccine will not match before the presidential election

Corona’s vaccine could come in handy before the presidential election. Donald Trump’s hopes were dashed by Modern Therapeutics. Stephanie Bansal, the company’s chief executive officer, said on Wednesday.

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It is not possible to get the corona vaccine on an emergency basis before November 25. This was reported by the American newspaper ‘Financial Times’. The US presidential election is on November 3.

In an interview with the newspaper, Bansal said it would take until November 25 to get coroner’s vaccine approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on an emergency basis.

According to him, within that time, they will get the appropriate information about the safety of the coronary vaccine and it will be possible to send it to the Emergency Use Authority (EUA).

He added that the vaccine could be produced in accordance with all conditions and brought to the market for the general public in March.

Corona vaccine has become a political tool in the face of the presidential election. In a debate with Democrat nominee Joe Biden on Tuesday, Trump claimed, “We have the possibility of getting the Corona answer in our hands before November 1.”

According to the FDA, at least half of those being tested for potential vaccines must be kept under surveillance for two months, Bansal said.

He also said that it would not be possible to bring the vaccine before November 1 in line with that deadline. Modern is likely to test that potential vaccine on 30,000 people. The vaccine was given to 15,000 volunteers last Friday.

The modern vaccine is one of the 11 coronary probes that are being tested in the final round. Pfizer is also running. The agency’s chief executive officer, Albert Borla, has already said that the answer will be known by October.

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