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Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) – What Is It?

Coronavirus disease is often called “COVID-19” for short. It is an extremely deadly virus that is caused by the coronavirus family. Many people, despite medical research, still do not understand that this virus causes death. However, thanks to the improvement in diagnosis, treatment, and research in the field of medicine, the risk of death from this virus is very low.

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Symptoms of the disease

This deadly virus is transmitted by direct contact with an infected person’s cough. The virus is very contagious and can be spread even through hospital gowns, bedding, clothing and even directly from a patient to another. This virus also has the potential to infect hospital equipment, buildings, and even food preparation areas.

Unlike many other diseases, there is no specific test to diagnose this disease. The only way of being sure that someone has contracted this disease is to get them to visit a doctor or hospital as soon as possible. The earlier you catch it, the better.

As mentioned above, if a person does get sick from this virus, the symptoms will quickly surface in the first few days of being infected. These symptoms are very uncomfortable and will usually last for a few days to a week before the body becomes immune to them.

Although the illness can be deadly in its early stages, over the course of the possible time, the symptoms will subside and eventually disappear. This is not always the case however. Many times, people will still have a hard time coping with their current condition and will simply give up.

Symptoms of the disease

Symptoms of the disease are often confused with those of influenza. However, the only true similarities between the two are that they both cause flu-like symptoms and that both viruses can be spread from person to person.

Like many other viruses, the human body is very good at fighting off any infection that comes our way. However, this virus is so aggressive and deadly that the body may not be able to fully fight it off. In this case, the most common symptom is fever, which is actually a symptom of flu, and not a symptom of the virus itself.

There is no cure for this disease and so the only hope for these people is to make sure they do not contract it and that they stay as healthy as possible. It is advisable that anyone with respiratory symptoms should not travel. It is also advisable that any travelers with respiratory problems to consult a doctor before traveling and follow any advice that they may provide.

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