Facebook is coming with a new look in Septembe
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Facebook is coming with a new look in September

Facebook, the world’s largest social media, is coming up with a new interface in September. The ‘new Facebook’ will have several new features instead of the current ‘classic’ interface.

Mark Zuckerberg, the company’s chief executive, announced a new interface for desktop browsers on Facebook in the middle of last year. The ongoing interface version was dubbed ‘Classic Facebook’ and the ‘New Facebook’ beta version was launched earlier this year.

Facebook allows some customers around the world to comment using this beta version. Users can switch from the new version to the old version if they want.

However, this time Facebook is not having a chance to come back. Users will get a new version even if they use Facebook with a web browser in September. There will be no chance of going back to the old classic version.

Meanwhile, Facebook still has the opportunity to comment on using the new Facebook interface. The social media has sought advice from users on how to make the Facebook experience easier.

Facebook is coming with a new look in Septembe
Facebook is coming with a new look in September

On the other hand, as can be seen from the new version of Facebook, the new interface has been arranged in harmony with the Facebook app. Like the app, it has ‘Dark Mood’. However, the user has the opportunity to switch from dark mode to light mode at any time.

Facebook is also keeping the newsfeed much smoother by increasing the ‘font-size’ in the interface. Facebook says the new interface will load into the browser faster.

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