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Facebook pages are changing

Facebook pages are changing

This social networking site is experimenting with a new design for Facebook pages. The ‘Like’ count feature is being removed from the new design. The layout of the Facebook page is being made more clean and easy to read. For those who run Facebook pages, managing Facebook will be easier.

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In the meantime, the new features of the Facebook page are being tested on a limited number of pages. Many people can see the new design in the mobile app. Facebook authorities say that the new features and design of the Facebook page will be enhanced soon.

The tech website TechCrunch reports that experimental changes have been made to the pages of various stars, writers, content creators and some media outlets.

Facebook says it will be easier to use pages with updated designs and features, as it eliminates complex issues. In the current situation, new designs were needed to increase the use of pages. In the current coronavirus situation many people around the world remain active in the online community due to maintaining social distance. Updated page design will make it easier for visitors to see important information on a page. This will make it easier for visitors to find posts on the page.

In the new design, the page like button and the page like number will be removed from the page. There will be only ‘Follow’ button and ‘Follower Count’ button on the page. This will understand the true richness of the page. Many people like different pages year after year. But keep them unfollowed from the news feed. Because they are no longer interested in it. A lot of the time when he likes a page, he just likes it, but doesn’t see any post. That is, the actual number of interested people on the page is not understood.

By showing the page follow count in the update option, it is known how many people will actually see the updated content of the page in their newsfeed.

Facebook pages are changing
Facebook pages are changing

The Facebook page currently has two options লাই Like and Follow ায় so the issue seems confusing and complicated. When someone likes a page, the automatic follow option is turned on. Again, one can go to the settings option at any time and turn off the follow option. Page owners are hesitant. This button is of no use to keep the followers of the page active and to attract the interested people on the page.

The new update will allow page managers to add followers to their news feeds if they want, and will also make it easier to navigate personal Facebook profiles and pages. In addition, in the case of management, admin access can be allowed by sharing specific tasks. For this, a new feature called ‘Edit Access’ is being added, so that certain tasks can be fixed.

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