You are currently viewing Five asteroids are entering Earth’s orbit, NASA warns
Five asteroids are entering Earth's orbit, NASA warns

Five asteroids are entering Earth’s orbit, NASA warns

A couple of weeks ago, a school van-sized asteroid (‘asteroid’) landed right next to Earth. After that, at least 5 small to medium-sized asteroids will enter Earth’s orbit by Thursday.

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One of them could enter on Wednesday. In size, it is much larger than the previous one. Like a Boeing-747 aircraft.

The US space agency NASA has given this news. However, the asteroid ‘2020 RK-2’ will not come as close to us as the asteroid that attacked the Earth’s surface a couple of weeks ago.

The asteroid was only 13,000 miles above the earth’s surface when it came close to Earth’s ear on September 24 (when it came closest).

According to NASA, the nearest asteroid 2020 RK-2 will be 2.38 million miles away from the Earth’s surface tomorrow.

So scientists think that this asteroid will not be a cause of much concern for us. Last month, the first trajectory of this asteroid was found.

Asteroids are usually located in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Some of them come very close to the earth while orbiting the sun. In addition, there are many asteroids around the Earth. These are called ‘Near-Earth Objects (NEO)’.

Most of them have been traced very recently. We do not yet know of many such asteroids. Since it has not been possible to monitor their orbits for a long time, we are more at risk from them than asteroids from asteroids.

Scientists believe that most of these asteroids were born at the time of the creation of the solar system. So the history of the birth of the solar system is written on their chests.

According to NASA, the asteroid 2020 RK-2 is being closely monitored. Attempts are being made to understand whether the sudden change in orbit brings it closer to Earth.

The asteroid that entered Earth’s orbit on Wednesday, NASA said, was between 117 and 285 feet wide. That is, like a Boeing-747 aircraft. Its speed is now 7.8 kilometers per second. Even when it is closest, the asteroid is supposed to be in such a distant orbit of the earth that it is impossible to see it with the naked eye.

According to NASA, a small asteroid passed out of the earth yesterday. Its name is ‘2020 RR-2’. Whose diameter was 26 meters? It flew 72 lakh kilometers away from the earth on Monday

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