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Huawei's Five-G service is the highest Place in the world.

Five-G service is the highest place in the world.

China Mobile and Huawei have taken the Five-G connectivity to new heights by launching the Five-G service in the Himalayas. To this end, the two companies have built the world’s highest Five-G base station at an altitude of 6,500 meters in the Himalayas. At the same time, Huawei has unveiled a gigabit optical fiber network at this height, as well as helping China Mobile to launch its dual gigabit network.

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On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the ascent of the northern tip of the Himalayas and the 45th anniversary of the announcement of China’s first official accurate measurement of the Himalayas, a new measurement of the Himalayas was undertaken this year. The five-G network that has been launched will help in this re-measurement.

Huawei will provide an end-to-end solution to build China Mobile’s Everest dual gigabit network.

Base stations have been built at an altitude of 5,300 meters in the Himalayan base camp, a transition camp at an altitude of 5,600 meters, and a forward camp at an altitude of 6,500 meters.

Huawei’s Five-G AAU and SPN technology are applied at these base stations. For the maintenance and proper use of the network of these stations, the network experts have worked 24/7 to ensure the network activities at an altitude of 5,300 meters and above in those areas.

Huawei’s Five-G AAU is compact (small or portable) in size and quite integrated, which can be placed very easily. It is very useful for setting up infrastructure in remote areas like Mount Everest. In this project, the network mode of ‘Stand Alone Plus Non-Stand Alone’ (SA + NSA) will connect five Five-G base stations. Meanwhile, Huawei’s massive MIMO technology (supported by high-speed and huge bandwidth) has achieved high-speed Five-G and huge-capacity connectivity.

Huawei’s Massive MIMO technology is quite reliable for excellent coverage. Due to its high three-dimensional narrow beam, this technology will provide quite a good service, especially vertically on Mount Everest.

At an altitude of 5,300 meters, the download speed of Five-G will be more than 1.6 Gbps. On the other hand, the upload speed will be 215 Mbps.

Holocene Intelligent Video Surveillance System with Huawei Optimization and Fault Locating will ensure streaming quality with one click. Even at the top of the Himalayas at an altitude of 6,500 meters, the same network will be maintained.

Huawei's Five-G service is the highest Place in the world.
Huawei’s Five-G service is the highest Place in the world.

Huawei believes that technology will improve the world. The beauty of the Himalayas can be shown through the Five G High-Definition Video and VR Experience. At the same time, mountaineers, scientists, and other natural experts will give a special idea about the Himalayas. This groundbreaking technology on the Himalayas proved once again that the Five G technology will connect mankind and the world beautifully.



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