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Gmail with new design Coming soon

Gmail with new design Coming soon

About a month ago, Google gave them an idea of ​​their future Gmail. According to Google, users will get the experience of chat, meet, rooms tabs in their Gmail. The purpose of the change in Gmail was to bring together all of Google’s communications services. This will eliminate the need to leave Gmail and work on external apps. The new version of Google is now unveiled. At first, this service is being introduced on a limited scale for G Suite customers.

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In the new Gmail design on Android, the new navigation bar will be below Gmail and there will be Mail, Chat, Room and Meet as tabs. The Mail tab will be for mailing. Others will offer Google Chat and Meet. Many people have already started to see the meat tab. Although not part of JSUT, many have started getting the MIT service. New changes will be added to the web version soon.

If the chat tab is added to the Android app, the discussion can be run separately without launching the Google chat app. The same facility will continue in the case of MIT. Video calls can be turned on from Gmail. Rooms facility is also available in Gmail.

To get this benefit as a GSUT user, the admin needs to set up the chat preferred option. This will force everyone to use Google Chat instead of the traditional Hangouts app. This will force everyone to use Gmail’s new design. Gmail’s new features will be launched in the next 15 days.

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