The only way to survive is to fight collectively.

Great danger if you do not take action now! WHO warned again about Corona

The only way to survive is to fight collectively. If not, great danger. Coronavirus deaths could double in the future. Mike Ryan, the head of the emergency department of the World Health Organization, gave such a warning in a virtual press conference on Saturday.

Corona outbreaks have already killed nearly one million people worldwide. “If we don’t act now and take precautionary measures, the death toll could rise to 20 million in the coming days,” Ryan said.

Chin warned the WHO about the dangers of coronavirus (COVID-19) just nine months ago. The World Health Organization (WHO) declared a “public health emergency” on January 30, shortly after receiving a warning from China. There have been many allegations of delay.

The United States has said that the Corona epidemic was caused by the negligence of the World Health Organization. Again, the WHO claims that many countries, including the United States, did not heed their warnings. Whatever the reason, Corona has created a worldwide panic today. It has affected more than 33.4 million people around the world. About 1 million people have already died.

The World Health Organization says the dangers still remain. The only way to survive this epidemic is to follow hygiene rules. Where hygiene is observed, infections are declining. Where it is not being accepted, it is increasing. We must now work together to stop this virus.

If that is not done then there is danger. Mike Ryan said on Saturday, “The 1 million number is terrible. Before the death toll rises to one million, we should look back at how effective we have been in preventing this epidemic.

Are we really ready to avoid this horror? And if we are not really prepared to act together, the death toll will be much higher. The possibility of 20 lakhs cannot be ruled out. We have lost 1 million people in the last 9 months. Everyone has to come forward without waiting for the vaccine for the next 9 months. ”

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