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Home Office has no positives: Netflix chief

Home Office has no positives: Netflix chief

Reed Hastings, co-founder, chairman, and co-CEO of Netflix, says there is no positive side to homework.

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While not finding any positive aspects of the home office, the CEO of the popular video streaming platform thinks that the debate over action plans has become more complicated due to the reverse home office.

Reed Hastings was recently interviewed by The Wall Street Journal. When asked about the home office at the time, he said that he did not see any positive side in it but its negative impact was more. However, he expressed deep respect and reverence for the sacrifices made by the staff from the house where they worked even during the coronavirus.

Reed said, ‘I don’t see any positive side in this. It is not possible to meet the staff directly, especially in the international context, the whole issue is negative. But I was really impressed by the sacrifices of the people. ’

Meanwhile, Reed said that after all, Netflix’s activities have resumed. “We have started work again,” he said. We are now working in most parts of Europe and Asia. Some videos have already been created. The hope is that between this September and October we will be able to run some things experimentally. ’

Incidentally, Netflix has around 7,800 employees worldwide. Netflix currently has about 200 million subscribers.

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