Huawei has brought its own mapping app

Huawei has brought its own mapping app
Huawei has brought its own mapping app

Chinese technology giant Huawei has launched its own mapping app in the form of Google Maps. However, Huawei says that the app called ‘Here We Go’ will give users a better experience than Google Maps.

This is according to a recent report in the US media Forbes.

Huawei’s Here We Go seeks to establish itself in the market as an alternative to Google in order to make navigation services easier. The program is currently available on Huawei’s own App Store.

According to a Forbes report, the Here We Go app has been designed to ensure better navigation services.

It also includes advanced riding services. Another version of this map can also be used offline.

The app uses some great mapping features. Voice services have been added to make it easier to navigate.

It also has all the necessary information for public transport services in more than 1300 cities including New York, San Francisco, London, Berlin, Munich, Paris, Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Toronto, Sydney.

This map can be used using the offline version even if there is no internet connection.

Huawei has brought its own mapping app
Huawei has brought its own mapping app

The Here We Go service is also capable of providing basic mapping needs including live traffic updates, taxi bookings, public transport information, turn-by-turn navigation.

The Here We Go service began in the 1980s with software. Then in many ways, its range continues to grow. It is also used for Avi and Nokia Maps. Audi and BMW are also using the app for car navigation.



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