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Huawei is active in Bangladesh with the device

Huawei is active in Bangladesh with the device

Huawei has claimed that its own device division, especially the smart mobile device division, is active in Bangladesh. The Chinese tech giant says rumors that the department’s operations are being curtailed or curtailed from Bangladesh are “rumors”.

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On Thursday (October 1), various media outlets reported that Huawei was restricting the activities of the device department from Bangladesh to Malaysia. When Banglanews contacted Huawei Bangladesh authorities about the matter, an official of the company claimed that it was a ‘rumor’.
Huawei said the details would be released later in the form of a press release. And so right now we can’t comment on any such rumors.

However, the official said that there has been a ‘change’ in the activities of the device department. He described the issue as “normal” for any business and said it would not have any “impact” on customers.

The official told banglanews that it is normal for any organization to bring change in business activities. Especially during the Corona Pandemic. The question is, will our device be marketed by Smart Technologies? In fact, they (smart) have been marketing our mobile handset devices and tabs since last year. This is nothing new. And the activities of our Bangladesh team are still going on. On the other hand, these issues will not have any effect on the customers. They are getting the same products and services as before, they are still getting it, they will get it in the future also.

Huawei also announced the launch of another new handset for Bangladeshi customers on Friday (October 2nd). However, the official could not be reached for comment on whether Huawei will continue to be involved in the marketing, sales, and after-sales service of the handset in the Bangladeshi market, or whether smartphone technology will take care of these issues.

The Chinese tech giant, once in the top three in the smartphone market, is in a precarious position due to declining mobile handset sales in Corona, losing market share to some more Chinese smartphone brand companies, and various restrictions imposed by the US administration led by President Donald Trump.

According to an order from the U.S. Department of Commerce last month, U.S. companies that make processors for smartphones are required to obtain separate licenses to work on Huawei’s designs. Since then, Huawei has not been able to buy any more chipsets from Western companies, according to a BBC report.

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