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Identify effective acupressure points for weight loss

Acupressure is one of the oldest medical methods in China. In this method, the pressure is applied to specific points of the body with the help of fingers. It has many other benefits besides relieving headaches, back pain, sleep problems, and reducing stress.

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Those who are thinking about weight, especially on this long corona vacation could not walk outside or go to the gym. Their worries will be reduced a lot this time. Because acupressure works to reduce weight. Be aware, however, that it cannot directly reduce weight. However, it helps to lose weight by controlling appetite and improving digestion.

Acupressure can be practiced very easily at home. It also has no side effects. The points you need to make to lose weight are:

On the front of the ear, there is a point between the jaw and the ear. Just pushing for two minutes every day here helps control appetite.

This point is located just above the ankle. Pressure on this point for just a few minutes every day to keep the body healthy and active by increasing blood circulation in the body

Weight loss will be followed by weight loss within a few days if you apply a little pressure on the eyebrows just above the eyes

There is also an important acupressure point in the middle of the nose and lips. Here, two minutes of daily pressure solves the problem of digestion.

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