You are currently viewing KKR can reduce one spinner today against Sharjah’s small field, Delhi
KKR can reduce one spinner today against Sharjah's small field, Delhi

KKR can reduce one spinner today against Sharjah’s small field, Delhi

Will KKR’s winning combination change against Delhi Capitals in Sharjah today? Or will it remain the same?

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After searching in Amirshahi, it was found out that the first one is more likely. In other words, KKR’s team combination against Delhi on Saturday may change.

Why? It was heard that the reason behind this is the field, the field of Sharjah. Which is much smaller in size than the field in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. The pitch is also a good guarantee. Sharjah has scored the most runs in the IPL so far.

A few days ago, Rajasthan Royals chased a record run and won against KL Rahul’s Kings XI. After which the night management is thinking of reducing one spinner and increasing one batsman.

KKR trained in Abu Dhabi on Friday. Team Sharjah will go to play the match on Saturday. It was heard that the Knights had seen one thing in the net session in the midst of intense heat. They have seen Rahul
Tripathi. At the beginning of the training, Tripathi went to open with Shubhaman Gill on the net.

He also batted for a while. After which the talk is going on, then is Tripathi going to go down on Saturday? Instead of a spinner? The team has such a mindset. But the question is, who will sit among the three spinners of KKR? Judging by the form, Kuldeep Yadav.

Kuldeep has not done well in this IPL yet. KKR captain Dinesh Karthik brought him in the 18th over against Rajasthan Royals. By then the fate of the match has been decided. Which means two. One, Karthik can’t trust Chinaman.

Two, trying to bring back Kuldeep’s confidence after the match was decided. However, if Tripathi is played in the opener (he has played everywhere from the opening to the middle order), then there is only one opener who could be replaced by Tripathi, Sunil Narine. Let’s see what happens.

Meanwhile, KKR is scheduled to play another match today before taking on Delhi. Today is the first doubleheader of this IPL. Rajasthan Royals and Royal Challengers Bangalore will meet in the first match of the day. That is the fight between Smith and Kohli.

And in this fight, the focus will be on Kohli. Because, even though his team played better than before, Virat himself did not get a run in the IPL. The RCB captain would like to get back on the run against Rajasthan’s relatively weak bowling line-up.

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