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Launched a 15 second short video on YouTube

The popular TickTock app is banned in India. Tick ​​tock lovers are naturally quite disappointed. After the tick ban, several information technology companies wanted to bring their alternatives to the market. However, it has not been very successful yet. YouTube shorts on the market to fill that gap. News from Kolkata 24.

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Here you can make your own video in a period of 15 seconds. YouTube reports. This platform has its own viewership. This app is quite popular. So the company thinks that shorts will also be popular. YouTube launched it in India on Monday. After a long wait, YouTube launched the shorts. Videos can be made in 15 seconds or less. Indian customers can use it.

A video can be made here, or it can be covered by multiple short videos. A number of creator tools have been placed on the shorts for the benefit of the users. Users can also control the video speed, add songs of choice. This song can be found from the YouTube library.
On their official blog, YouTube said that they are very happy to launch the shorts. Videos can be made easily by using mobile phones. There are a number of features like tickling. Features like timer, multi-segment camera, countdown, speed will also be available here. This is not a specific app, shorts can be found on YouTube on Android phones.

Earlier, Instagram created an alternative to the TickTock app. It is said that 15 seconds video can be made in this app called Instagram Reels. Instagram officially announced the app in July. The feature test of Instagram Reels was launched in July. This application has been launched since then. Videos can be recorded, edited, and shared in this app. The reels feature is quite different from the tick. This is an application that can be found on Instagram.

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