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Machu Picchu opened for a tourist

Machu Picchu opened for a tourist

Machu Picchu, a landmark of Inca civilization, attracts tourists. Tourists were unable to visit Machu Picchu, a mysterious landmark in Peru, due to the Corona epidemic.

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But the fate of Japanese tourist Jesse Takayama must be said to be good. After seven consecutive months of patience, his forehead opened.

Jesse Takayama, a Japanese tourist, came to Peru last March to visit the World Heritage Site of Machu Picchu. However, due to the global epidemic of coronavirus, the place has been closed since then.

Peru finally opened Machu Picchu only after seven months for that Japanese tourist. This information has been informed in a report on BBC Online.

Peru’s culture minister, Alejandro Neira, said Jesse Takayama was allowed to go there after making a special request.

Machu Picchu, a top tourist attraction in Peru, is expected to reopen for fewer tourists next month. However, no exact date has been announced yet.

Jesse Takayama was planning to spend a few days in Peru. But due to restrictions on coronavirus conditions, he was trapped in the town of Aguas Calientes, near Machu Picchu, in mid-March.

Speaking at a virtual press conference, Neira said Jesse Takayama came to Peru with a dream of entering Machu Picchu.

As seen in one video, Takayama is celebrating his visit. Takayama described the visit as “amazing”. He also thanked the people concerned.

Peru’s culture minister, Alejandro Neira, said the tourist had been allowed to visit Machu Picchu with the park’s head so that he could visit Machu Picchu before returning.

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