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Bill gets lost his father

Microsoft | Bill Gates lost his father

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates’ father is no more. He died of old age complications last Monday. He was 94 years old. Bill Gates confirmed the news of his father’s death in an official blog post.

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As Bill Gates writes, the impression of how lucky we are to have this amazing man in our lives for so many years has been with us all for a long time.

William Gates, known as Bill Gates Sr., was a former Army officer and a founding partner of the Seattle Law Firm.

According to the Wall Street Journal, William was a philanthropist who helped Bill Gates, a co-founder of Microsoft Corporation.

The family said he died Monday at a beachfront home in Hood Canal, Washington. He had Alzheimer’s disease.

Bill Gates writes that his father was instrumental in leaving Microsoft and giving full attention to a charity called Bill & Melinda Gates. He has served as the co-chairman of this organization. The company started its journey in 2000. Although the family did not give a specific cause of death, his health gradually deteriorated.

As Bill Gates wrote, people used to ask his father if he really was Bill Gates. The truth is, he was everything I wanted to be. ‘

When William was thinking of retiring from the legal profession in 1994, one evening his son Bill Gates and daughter-in-law Melinda went to see a movie together.

Then Bill Gates stood in the ticket line and told his father about the start of the charity. He said that he is getting innumerable letters for charity work every day. But then he was very busy managing Microsoft. At the time, his father said, he would be able to see the paperwork. If the son gets permission, you can check the applications. Bill Gates agreed.

Senior Gates then sat down with dozens of boxes of money aid letters. Then Bill Gates started a charity called William H. Gates Foundation with 100 million US dollars. His father sat at the kitchen table and signed a 60,000 check for the first local cancer program. For the next 13 years, when Bill Gates was busy with Microsoft, his father ran a charity.

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