You are currently viewing Misinformation about covid, Trump’s post removed Facebook-Twitter
Misinformation about covid, Trump's post removed Facebook-Twitter

Misinformation about covid, Trump’s post removed Facebook-Twitter

Facebook and Twitter have removed posts by US President Donald Trump accusing him of spreading misleading information about the novel coronavirus. According to Twitter, the whole world is struggling with the Kovid-19 virus. In such a situation, care is being taken to ensure that accurate information is reaching the people. So any wrong information is being removed as soon as it is seen.

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Despite being infected with the corona himself, Donald Trump compared the novel corona to the common flu on social media yesterday. He was severely criticized for that. Allegedly, his government failed to deal with the atrocities. It has created anger in the public mind. He is downplaying the horrors of Kovid so as not to have an impact on the upcoming elections.

That’s why two social networking companies took action against him. But as soon as Facebook takes action, Trump’s post has been shared about 26,000 times. A spokesman for the agency said: “Misinformation about the horrors of Kovid is being removed as soon as it comes to light.” So they set a rare precedent by taking action against the Republican president.

Earlier in August, Facebook removed a video posted by Trump. “Children are less likely to get coronary heart disease,” Trump said in the video.

Earlier on Tuesday, however, Twitter removed another tweet from Trump about Kovid. The US President was also warned about it. “The misleading and harmful information about Kovid is against our anti-hygiene rules,” it said.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 22,000 people died of influenza in the United States in 2019-20. More than 210,000 people have lost their lives to Kovid so far. America is at the top of the world list right now in terms of deaths in COVID.

Even after that, it is alleged that Trump is not taking cognizance of the situation. He returned to the White House on Monday, despite being attacked by Kovid himself. “Don’t be afraid of Kovid,” he told U.S. citizens there. Get out of here safely. ” Many are also complaining that the president is acting irresponsibly before the election.

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