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PubG Mobile's Royal Pass Season 15

New Look PubG Mobile Royal Pass Season 15

Players will be able to unlock eight brand-new outfits to customize themselves in the world’s most popular mobile game through the App Store and Google Play.

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The Pubg Mobile Royal Pass Season 15 features classic outfits as well as new outfits and gear skins that have never been seen before.

By completing the various challenges of the game in this new season, players will have the opportunity to win special themed prizes, including the first time to upgrade the costumes of the main character of Pubji. Community members can watch the teaser video of the game here.
In addition to the Collectible Prize in Season 15, the game’s partial user interface and reward display are being upgraded. Bookmarks have also moved now and players can browse for both level and uncollected rewards.

Players will now be able to purchase vouchers directly in the voucher window, and RP points earned during the seasons will be automatically converted to ordinary point cards.

There are a number of upgrades to Pubji Mobile’s subscription options, including Plus subscription prizes will now be available with three 300 UC vouchers instead of a 900 UC voucher. New notifications have been added for RP points. An RP subscription video with monthly price details is now readily available.

The journey of Royal Pass Season 15 started a few days after the new 1.0 version of Pubji Mobile. Version 1.0 of the game includes captivating visuals, new UX, new Irangel maps with the opportunity to enjoy at 90-fps.

Pubg can be downloaded for free from the mobile app store and Google Play.

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