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PUBG will return to India after ending relations with China

PUBG will return to India after ending relations with China

Personal information about Indians is being smuggled. The Center has banned more than 200 Chinese apps in India over allegations of tensions with China at the Ladakh border. Basically the digital strike on neighbors by the Modi government. And among these banned apps is Pubzio, one of the most popular apps of the country’s youth community. Which many could not accept.

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Following the ban, the Chinese company Tencent announced that it would remove the game from its responsibility in India. But despite that, it is unlikely that the ban will be lifted tomorrow. This was stated by a central office who did not want to be named.

When will the ban on PUBG be lifted? This was the question on the minds of many since the announcement of Tencent’s removal from office. But the official said that while there were allegations of information smuggling against Pabji, the government had also received many other allegations. The game spreads violence. And so even if Tencent steps down, the game may not be banned in this country. ”

Players of online battle games have been very upset since PUBG was banned. Everyone was depressed from eight to eighty. The South Korean company was also not willing to give up India’s lucrative market. As a result, PUBG Corporation tried to return to the Indian market in a new way. The online game wanted to return to the Indian market by taking back the publishing rights from a Chinese company and an Indian company. They have started looking for an Indian company as a partner for this, it was informed on behalf of that company. But this time maybe it is also in twenty left glasses of water.


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