You are currently viewing Science doesn’t even know the reason, Trump’s claim about fire
Science doesn't even know the reason, Trump's claim about fire

Science doesn’t even know the reason, Trump’s claim about fire

There were rampant infection and racism, and the White House’s newest weapon was the fire. Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden stabbed his opponent Donald Trump again with the same weapon. He said that in a way that Trump is ignoring the role of climate change and science, the president himself is doing the work of connecting fire to nature.

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The beginning of the controversy centered on the US President’s visit to California. Trump visited the western US state of California, which was devastated by a fire yesterday. “I do not think science will understand what is happening here,” he told reporters. The president has directly denied the importance of climate change and global warming. After landing from Air Force One at Sacramento Airport yesterday, Trump was heard to say, “When a lot of trees fall together in a short period of time, they dry up and become like matchsticks.” There is a possibility of fire from them. Even a dry leaf catches fire in the forest. ”It was good to have a crowd at the airport yesterday to welcome the president.

Democrat Gov. Newton of California, however, calmly explained to the president that only a small part of his province’s forests are cared for by local governments. The rest falls directly under the federal government, the Trump administration. Trump, however, was not heard to say anything in response. On the one hand, while Trump has denied the role of climate change, his rival Biden told a meeting in Wilmington, “If this president rules the country for another four years, the American suburbs will burn to ashes.” The president will not admit that climate change is also behind the terrible hurricanes that are taking place on the coast every year. In fact, he is doing the work of setting the environment on fire. ”

While wildfires have waned over much of California, Oregon’s situation is still dire. A total of 22 people are missing there. Governor Kate Brown, however, thanked firefighters from the surrounding province. Although rain was forecast yesterday, it did not happen. He said it was difficult to control the fire in the dry air. It is forecast to rain again tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. However, there is a risk of a new fire if it rains with lightning.

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