You are currently viewing Seeing the huge Rohit fight, Anushka got excited!
Seeing the huge Rohit fight, Anushka got excited!

Seeing the huge Rohit fight, Anushka got excited!

How did Kohli and Rohit fight for 22 yards in Dubai on Monday? In answer to this question, many can interpret it as ‘good’, ‘great’, ‘exciting’, unimaginable.

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But Anushka Sharma reacted differently after seeing her husband win the match which was played around midnight. And it is clear that even in the state of pregnancy, she is watching her husband’s game with exactly how much mind.

Such a breathless match that cricket fans have to eat all the fingernails. Though the target was difficult, the match between Ishan and Pollard was practically turned towards Mumbai Indians for a while. However, as the score became equal, the match ended in a super over. There was no less tension. The unbeaten Caribbean star Pollard was dismissed for 60 off 24 balls in the allotted innings. Then named Rohit.

Target 6 runs in front of Kohli. The umpire again signaled RCB’s AB de Villiers out in the super over. But due to confusion, Captain Kohli took the review again. After a few moments of suspense, it is known that his ball reached the keeper’s hand without stopping at-bat. In the end, Madhuren completed the boundary by hitting the boundary.

In a word, the battle between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Mumbai was as thrilling as the thriller. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. That is Anushka. And after the match, he gave the same response.

She is very happy to see her husband return to the path of victory. But at the same time it is difficult to show such a tense match, he said jokingly. He posted a picture on his Instagram story and wrote, “Oops .. a little too exciting match for a pregnant woman. What a great team it is. ”

Biruska gave the good news to the fans a month before he flew to Amirshahi for the IPL. He said they are going to be two to three next January. Then Anushka was seen in Amirshahi with her husband.

They cut the cake and celebrated the joy of being a parent with RCB. This time there is no way to watch the match sitting on the field in Corona. So Anushka is enjoying the match on TV. And in this way, she expressed the joy of her husband’s team’s victory.

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