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Solar storms can explode on Earth

How will the effects of the explosion on the body of the sun, which is a few light years away, come here? To answer this question, a few things need to be understood first. The sunspot is actually a deep dark hole in the interior, similar to the moon’s stigma. The temperature of this cavity in the interior of the sun, which is heated by the blazing fire, is below freezing. Continuous contractions result in explosions there. The largest such hole in the sun is called AR2770.

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Scientists believe that there was a huge explosion. As a result, Solar Flare has been created. This solar flare is actually a large magnetic wave. It is also called Solar Storm. And this natural phenomenon in the sun is called – Coronal Mass Ejection (CME). Other times the amount of energy or solar flares that are created as a result of the explosion in the solar flare, this time it is several times more. And that has become a matter of concern. The effects of solar flares are already being felt in the atmosphere. At other times, the energy of the solar flare is trapped in the air layer closest to the sun. But this time with several times more energy being generated, there is a strong risk that it will reach a level closer to the earth. As a result, GPS, power grid communication system may be disrupted.


Not just our planet but the entire solar system is going to be affected by it. Scientists have even speculated that particles, such as electrons and protons, in different layers of the atmosphere, are likely to change their course as a result of this solar flare. As a result, there may be a reaction. All in all, the effects of the recent Coronal Mass Ejection of the Sun could turn the world upside down. Scientists are hearing such fears.



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