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Sushant's death investigation is not going in the right directio

Sushant’s death investigation is not going in the right direction

Sushant’s death investigation is not going in the right direction. The direction of the investigation is turning. The media and the entire country have been drawn in that direction by dragging the named ballisters. And Sushant? When will the mystery of his death be revealed? Question Sushant’s family.

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The actor’s family lawyer Bikash Singh asked this question at a press conference on Saturday. In his words, “Sushant’s family is not happy with the way the investigation is going. None of the stars being called in the drug case were caught with drugs. A drug case occurs only if a person is caught with drugs or using drugs. ”

He added, “If Riya is involved in drug trafficking, it is definitely a crime. In that case, he should be jailed for ten years. But the family’s question is, will the real cause of Sushant’s death be revealed in this way? ”

The actor’s family breathed a sigh of relief after the investigation into Sushant’s death was handed over from the Mumbai police to the Central Intelligence Agency. From the repeated interrogation of Sushant’s relatives, the reconstruction of Sushant’s death was going on. But all of a sudden, a drug-related chat between Riya Chakraborty and Sushant’s former talent manager Jaya Saha came to light and the investigation turned 180 degrees. After that, one by one, Riya, Shauvik, Samuels were interrogated, Riya was arrested in a drug case and Deepika, Sara, Rakul, Shraddha were summoned. And here is the objection of the family.

The family’s lawyer told a news conference that day, “I do not want to name. An AIIMS doctor saw Sushant’s picture on the day of his death and said that Sushant had been killed by 200 percent suffocation. My question is, why does it take so long for the CBI to say that? ”

Besides, Bikash Singh has expressed his anger over the CBI. He also questioned why the CBI was not yet disclosing everything in a press statement on the investigation into Sushant’s death. Sushant died on 14 June. About three and a half months have passed since then. But the cause of his death is not yet clear. Netagarikas who want justice for Sushant now like #Dipikanasherihaya.

Netagarikadera, of course, is smelling politics. Is the incarnation of the Deepika-Sara topic just because the ‘Sushant topic’ has become a bit ‘old’? The question is, is it to call a heavyweight heroine like Deepika just to look away from the announced program of farmers’ demonstrations across the country against the Narendra Modi government’s agriculture bill? Not only Deepika but also Rakul Preet Singh, Sara Ali Khan, Shraddha Kapoor have been summoned one after the other and the question has arisen as to whether there is any hidden politics behind giving a big dimension to the whole issue.

The conflict between the Bihar and Maharashtra governments came to the fore over the investigation into the death of Sushant Singh Rajput. There were allegations against Narendra Modi and Nitish Kumar’s party. Politics is being carried out to investigate the death keeping in mind the Bihar vote. At the moment, the CBI and ED are not involved in the allegations raised by Sushant’s family. The title is occupied by NCB. What does ‘justice’ really mean? The real cause of death can be known? Sushant fans question whether the drug wrapper will be covered up. The answer is not known.

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