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Great advantage with Google Lens

The Great advantage with Google Lens

Having a smartphone with the Google Lens app is like carrying a scanner in your pocket. Google recently introduced a special update to the Lens app that allows you to copy and paste the real-life text into your computer.

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Google is adding a new feature to Google Lens on Thursday, according to the technology website Digital Trends. It allows Google Lens to send a handwritten note instead of typing it again on the computer so that other text signals and documents can be saved. Google’s ability to search and translate text highlighted in updated versions is also increasing. It will also help in the pronunciation.

Great advantage with Google Lens
The great advantage with Google Lens

With Google Lens, however, text can now be copied and saved on a smartphone. However, in the updated version, the smartphone can be used as a mobile scanner and the text can be sent to the computer. Using the Google Lens app on iOS and Android, you need to point the camera at a text and take a picture of it. From here, instead of the copy text option, it can be sent to the computer using Copy to Computer and saved in Google Docs.

This requires two devices to be signed in to the same Chrome account, as well as the latest version of Chrome.

The text needs to be neat and clear. However, Google says that the tool will also work in the case of handwriting. Although Google Lens has a translation facility, the updated version has the option to listen to the text, so that the pronunciation of any text can be heard. This option can be found in Google search, copy text menu. It will help in learning a new language, pronunciation, and syntax.


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