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The sun has started the solar cycle

Scientists at the US space agency NASA have said that the 25th solar cycle of the sun has started. But what does this mean? Does this mean that it is the 25th birthday of the sun? Will this have any effect on the world? Let’s talk about-

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NASA scientists told a news conference on Wednesday that the 25th solar cycle of our sun has started. This means that the sun can now have strong solar storms. Its mobility may increase.

Note that the sun has been dull for the last several months. The light was also dim. No solar storms or anything was noticed. However, it is thought that the sun may rise and fall in the near future.
NASA scientist Lika Guhathakurta said that a powerful coronal wave, i.e. a solar flame, has been observed recently. Simultaneously seen, a large black spot. Which means it’s about to be the most delusional time of the year, as well. Scientists say this is a normal process, whenever the sun goes down, it happens months or years later.

Prior to NASA, the Max Planck Institute in Germany claimed that the sun was the only source of energy on Earth. However, it has been weakening continuously for the last 9,000 years. Its brightness is declining. Scientists say the sun’s brightness is fading compared to other stars in our galaxy. According to scientists, its brightness has decreased five times in the last 9,000 years.

Dr. Max Planck Institute scientist. Alexander Shapiro says that the Milky Way has more active stars than the Sun. They came to this conclusion by comparing 2,500 more stars like the Sun with the Sun. According to scientists, the brightness of the sun is decreasing.

The Sun is thought to be 4.6 billion years old. In comparison, 9,000 years is nothing. But scientists claim that in the last 9,000 years, its brightness has decreased five times. Source: NASA, CNN

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