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Trump has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize

Presidential elections in America are ahead. Just before that, US President Donald Trump was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2021. The name of the US President has been proposed by Norwegian Member of Parliament Christian Tybring-Gadde. The news was reported by the US TV channel ‘Fox News’.

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Last August, two countries, Israel and the United Arab Emirates, announced the dramatic establishment of diplomatic relations. Donald Trump acted as a mediator between the two countries. With that in mind, Trump has been nominated by a four-time member of the Norwegian parliament, Christian Tybring-Gadde. He is also the chairman of the Norwegian delegation to Neto.

“I think he (Donald Trump) has tried to build a relationship between the two countries, as other Nobel laureates have done,” Gaddafi told Fox News”.

It is hoped that the rest of the Middle East will follow the example of the United Arab Emirates,” he wrote to the Nobel Committee. The agreement could be a game-changer for cooperation and development in the Middle East. ”

Israel and the United Arab Emirates agree to normal relations: US President Donald Trump announced this on August 13. He was accompanied by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Crown Prince Mohammed Al Nahyan of Abu Dhabi. This is the third Arab state peace treaty with Israel. Israel had previously established diplomatic relations with Egypt in 1979 and Jordan in 1994.

The US presidential election is in November. Candidate Joe Biden against Donald Trump. Just before that such a surprise. This is not the first time, however, that he has met with North Korean leader King Jung Un after he came to power. He also took the initiative to end the conflict on the Korean Peninsula. Trump offered to mediate between India and Pakistan. He even spoke in the same tone about India and China. However, New Delhi has rejected all the proposals of the US President

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