You are currently viewing Trump sees America with ‘red-blue’ eyes
President Donald Trump has been accused

Trump sees America with ‘red-blue’ eyes

President Donald Trump has been accused of dividing America into “red” and “blue.”

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A combination of red and blue on the political map of us. Republican states are marked “red” and Democrat-led states are marked “blue.”

Recently President Trump was showing an inventory of coronavirus deaths within us. Showing maps of total deaths by state, Trump said that excluding the price within the blue states, only a few people died in Corona within us.

Noting that the price within the Nile is higher, Trump said that with the exception of the Democrat-ruled states, not as many of us have died within us.

In us, New York, New Jersey, and California have the very best number of deaths from the corona. These three are referred to as the blue states. additionally, to those three Democrat-ruled states, mass deaths have occurred in Florida and Texas. These two states are Republican-ruled. These two states are within the top five in terms of price.

Trump’s remarks have added new impetus to US electoral politics. Critics say, Trump, as president, isn’t only inciting divisions, he’s running the country believing in divisions.

President Trump’s remarks drew a swift response from the Democratic National Committee. they assert Trump has been politicizing the coronavirus. Kovid-19 didn’t see the blue or red state. Considering the proportional transmission of 10 states within us, 9 of them are governors of the Republican Party.

Charles Schumer, leader of the Democratic Party within the Senate, said on Citizenship Day, “A president can say that if he’s a person of any level!”


Addressing President Trump, Schumer said that if the president closed his eyes and thought that half the country didn’t exist, but somebody else might say, this is often not an honest thing in the least.

Trump’s remarks have also been widely criticized within the US media. The NY Times said during a news analysis that President Trump, who is standing for re-election, sees the country as divided into red and blue. His attitude because the president of the country is harmful to America.

In any national crisis within the recent history of America, the incumbent president has called on the leaders of all parties. The NY Times noted that he had tried to unite the country and address the crisis. Trump’s exception, however.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said he has spent his entire political life working to unite people.

Joe Biden said during a meeting with CNN at a government building on Thursday that if he’s elected, he won’t only be the president of the Democrats, he is going to be the president of us. Mentioning that he will unite the country, Biden said that the country isn’t safe within the hands of Trump.

Noting that President Trump has did not save lives, Biden said, “We will hear scientists about the coronavirus vaccine, not Trump.”

Not within the words of Trump, an epidemiologist. Biden said he would take the vaccine himself, consistent with Anthony Fawcett.

After taking office in 2016, President Trump said in his speech that he would function president of all Americans, not just Republicans. However, his words didn’t match Trump’s subsequent actions. In practice, the connection between President Trump and therefore the governors of the Democrat-ruled states has not been good in the least.

The blue states have maintained a sort of continuity in American liberal politics. President Trump has no chance of winning in these Democrat states. That’s why he doesn’t have much of a campaign schedule within the Democrat states.

There has been no reaction from his supporters to Trump’s hostile stance. Many whites in fringe America still think coronavirus may be a disease of the poor, a disease of immigrants. These people are less susceptible to wearing masks. President Trump’s divisive rhetoric has seen his supporters become more enthusiastic.

Elections in only six states are expected to work out the result of this year’s presidential election. regardless of which candidate wins the election, critics say the political and social implications of Trump’s split will push America backward.

That’s why Biden says it’s extremely dangerous for America to possess another Trump president.

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