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U.S. court suspends Trump visa ban

U.S. court suspends Trump visa ban

President Donald Trump has gone beyond his constitutional rights. In this argument, the US court suspended his visa ban.

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In other words, the US government’s ban on hiring workers from abroad is no longer effective. Instead, vacancies can be filled by hiring foreign nationals in case of emergency.

Since coming to power in the first round, Donald Trump has been putting more emphasis on the employment of Bhumiputras. In view of the crisis caused by the novel Corona and the upcoming presidential election, he enforced the decision to temporarily suspend visas in an administrative decree last June.

He signed a new bill not to issue visas, including H1B, H2B, L1, and J1. He informed that no more work visa will be issued until the end of this year. This will create 525,000 jobs for US citizens.

At the time, various IT and product companies in the country were protesting against Donald Trump’s decision. The National Association of Manufacturers reached the court on the matter.

They told the court that the government’s decision was not only against the law but would also put more pressure on companies.

At the hearing in the case on Thursday, Justice Jeffrey White of the Northern District of California said that Donald Trump had taken this step beyond his constitutional rights. According to the constitution,

it is the sole responsibility of Congress to decide on the immigration policy of the country. No such power has been given to the President.

The court’s decision was welcomed by Linda Kelly, vice president and general counsel of the National Association of Manufacturers. “We compete with the rest of the world in finding skilled workers and innovating in their respective fields,” he said.

Those who want to see the United States as a pillar of this innovative energy, albeit temporarily, see the decision by the Manufacturers’ Committee as a victory. ”

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