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Data from 3 million Android phone

Warning issued for 3 million mobile users

Data from 3 million Android phone users around the world is at risk, say Checkpoint Security researchers. They claim that the risk is due to the Qualcomm chip used in mobile phones.

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They found 400 defects in Qualcomm’s digital signal processor chip (DCP).
It is known that 40 percent of the Android smartphones used in the market use Qualcomm chip (Qualcomm). This chip is available in all priced phones. Not only this, Google, Samsung, LG, Xiaomi, and many other premium smartphones use this Qualcomm chip.

Checkpoint researchers tested the DCP chip and found 400 faulty code pieces. Hackers can monitor any smartphone for these errors.

Checkpoint researchers also say that with the help of these errors, hackers gain access to pictures, videos, call recordings, real-time microphone data, GPS, and location data on users’ phones.


Warning issued for 3 million mobile users

Because of these 400 errors, the Malicious app can record phone calls, as well as listen to users’ conversations with a microphone. Hackers can also freeze the phone with the help of a service attack.

A warning has been issued after Qualcomm’s faults came to light. It has been reported that the phone manufacturers will be able to fix these errors with the new update.

Note that checkpoint security researchers work with various software flaws. At the same time, they are working to keep customers safe.

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