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What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

SEO or search engine optimization is the process of getting site traffic from having high search rankings on selected keywords commonly used with search engines like Google and Bing York. Each of these search engines screens the Internet (including robots) and has its own recipe (algorithm) for indexing the pages they find (indexed). Although the public may not know the search engine recipe for any site search, there have been attempts to increase your search engine results and there are proper ways to get your site more visitors from search engines.

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The following sections tell you what SEO is all about and the potential tools you can use to stay ahead of the competition will provide related information.

How a search engine finds your site.

Gear is the key to improving your search engine optimization results before you need to grasp it.
Engines like Google detect first-class consequences for a variety of things to look at in a human network. A search later, That policy required three things for an engine to properly discover websites for search.

  • Robots – The first step a search engine must take is to create a library (index) that will be searched. Search engines
    Sends millions of programs that scan (crawl) web pages across the Internet and document their searches.
    These programs are called by many different names, such as bots, robots, or spiders.
  • Indexing – The next step for search engines is to index all the information they collect, just like a huge library
    Arranges book collection. A site can be indexed because it is searched and scanned by a robot
    Due to the site being submitted (indexed) manually by the person.
  • Algorithm – The final step that brings all this information together is the secret recipe or algorithm of the search engine. Algorithms are mathematical methods for solving extremely complex problems. An algorithm can take on a problem with numerous possible solutions And find the best possible solution among the available. You can see how to search a specific algorithm Search engine (keywords) that are important for search engines that need to take and pull the best possible sites from their whole index.
What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What the search engine shows-

  • Content – For the quality of writing content on a site, the words, and phrases that are commonly searched, how much time a site spends, And what the search engine shows is analyzed for its popularity.
  • HTML – Analysis for the relevance or relevance of HTML title tags, description tags and title tags to a site
    Is done. Search engines usually spread titles and headlines as summaries of site content.
  • Stability – The stability of a site is analyzed by how easy it is for robots to crawl the site, how fast the site loads and
    URLs are short and contain relative keywords.
  • Links – Links to a site’s page and whether its links to reputable, credible, quality sites are linked to your site
    And analyzes the overall number of sites and whether the site is being linked to
  • Social – Social media has become an integral part of SEO. Who is sharing your content and sharing your content A page will be analyzed to see the total number of people made.

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