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What is the future of the Oxford vaccine

What is the future of the Oxford vaccine

The Oxford Ticker Trial in the United Kingdom has been closed due to the illness of a volunteer. In the Ticker trial, however, this is not an unexpected event at all. This happens in big trials. It is hoped that the trial will resume soon after the cause of the illness is determined. Reported by the Guardian.

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What actually happened to the sick person?

That being said, the sick person has transverse myelitis. It causes pain in the spinal cord. Steroids may be needed to treat the pain. Transverse myelitis after vaccination has happened before. However, such incidents are very rare. A 2016 study in the United States found that 119 people who were vaccinated showed symptoms. Of these, 90 were women and 29 were men. Only a handful of people have been vaccinated for 30 years. Therefore, the researchers think that this problem is almost rare due to the effect of ticks.


What is its effect on the Oxford ticker

AstraZeneca is in production with Oxford. Now that the volunteer who took part in the trial of this ticker has fallen ill, the experts will examine his whole disease. And the people who come in contact with him will also be seen. The dose of the vaccine received by these individuals will also be tested. Researchers think that after all this, the trial will start again. A total of nine corona ticker trials are now underway around the world. The condition of the vaccinated volunteer in this Oxford vaccination case is also an education for others. They will be able to take an experience from this and be ready to overcome such problems.

Is it the result of a rush for ticks?

Probably not. It is true that the corona vaccine is being developed at a rapid rate, something that has not happened in the past. However, adequate security has been taken to make the vaccines. Attempts are now being made to make the vaccine available in a few months. But now that the volunteer has fallen ill, even if he tried for a few years, it could have been a problem.

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