Why are Google and Facebook giving employees leave on May 22
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Why are Google and Facebook giving employees leave on May 22?

Why are Google and Facebook giving employees leave?

Many people start feeling tired and frustrated while doing office work at home in the midst of lockdown. This is called ‘work from home burnout’ (WFH). This problem can have a big impact on the employees of big organizations like Google and Facebook. So they are taking special measures to keep the morale of the workers strong.

Google, a subsidiary of Alphabet, said on May 22 that it had given workers a day off from work to solve the “work from home burnout” problem in the coronavirus epidemic. Employees will be able to take their day-off on this day. In other words, they will not have any work pressure on this day.

In a letter to employees last Thursday, Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced a May 22 holiday. US media reported on CNBC.

Google says most of its global offices will open in June. But most Google employees will be working from home by the end of this year.

Last Friday, Facebook also said that by the end of this year, those who are able to work from home will be given that opportunity.

The virus has so far infected more than 3.9 million people worldwide. It has forced a drastic lockdown on most countries and changed the type of business. As a new rule, work has started sitting at home.

Work from home burnout and its remedy:
WFH burnout is a term originally used by Nuffield Health, a UK healthcare charity, to create a feeling of constant fatigue and stress for workers working from home. It is not possible to balance them properly during work and rest.

Brandon Street, a mental health specialist at Nuffield Health, said overwork is a major cause of burnout. He told The Metro in the UK: We should have a limit on how much work we have to do every day. Otherwise, fatigue will come and we will not be able to handle it. The World Health Organization has defined ‘burnout’ as an occupational condition.

Why are Google and Facebook giving employees leave on May 22
Why are Google and Facebook giving employees leave on May 22

Symptoms of burnout include sitting in front of a desk all day and not being motivated to work. Feeling tired all the time. Feeling helpless all the time and creating emotional barriers. Loss of temper than usual. Constantly looking for work-related issues including e-mails, documents, and feeling more work pressure.

Experts say that if you find yourself in a situation like a burnout at work, talk to your manager. It is important to take care of yourself at this time. Otherwise, anxiety, frustration, and panic can sit. Ask the office for help.

Get some rest at work to keep yourself energized. Keep time divided. Rest completely after working for a while. Stay away from stress. Stay away from your phone laptop. Get rid of burnouts by cooking, watching movies, or engaging in other activities.

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